Management Assistant (Luxembourg)

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Asset Management Team, reports to the Shopping Center Manager

Purpose of the function

The management assistant role involves providing essential support to the Knauf team in Luxembourg on various levels. Concurrently, you will have the privilege of acting as the Personal Assistant to the Shopping Center Manager. It's a position where your administrative and commercial skills shine in a dynamic and stimulating environment.

Duties and responsibilities (non-exhaustive list)

Target area 1: Commercial Support

  1. Administrative and commercial support
  2. Preparation of leasing offers
  3. Development and updating of leasing documentation
  4. Updating vacancies & communicating them to agencies
  5. Data entry into Yardi
  6. Contract monitoring during construction and lease durations
  7. Management of bank guarantees
  8. Lease tracking for renewals and expirations
  9. Lease entry into Yardi
  10. VAT declaration
  11. Updating the Tenancy Schedule and communication with stakeholders (BoD - accounting – finance – marketing/communication – property management)
  12. Management of leasing movements in the portfolio
  13. Update leasing movements
  14. Reporting leasing movements to stakeholders (BoD - accounting – finance – marketing/communication – property management)
  15. Tracking vacancy rates
  16. Insurance file tracking
  17. Handling various administrative tasks such as KYC, AML, various bank requests
  18. Preparation and sending of rent invoices and monthly Tenancy Schedule updates under the supervision of the GL accountant

Target area 2: Administrative Follow-up, Reception & Office Management

  1. Office, consumption, and supply management
  2. Office center catering management
  3. Supervision of maintenance contracts (cleaning, plants, water, etc.)
  4. Management of meeting room reservation system
  5. Incoming and outgoing mail
  6. Drafting and sending correspondence
  7. Telephone management
  8. Contact/liaison person - Follow-up on incoming calls
  9. Client reception, beverage service, meeting room preparation and organization, appointment scheduling
  10. Management of the Shopping Center Manager's agenda, Pommerloch catering, reservations
  11. Contact/liaison role between merchants and Management
  12. Tracking audit requests under the supervision of the GL accountant

Target area 3: Vendor Management

  1. Ensure supplier invoice follow-up in Yardi
  2. Monitoring of supplier contracts
  3. Establishing and maintaining invoice filing
  4. Scanning and data entry
  5. Creating supplier purchase orders
  6. Progress tracking of contracts: monitoring and payments
  7. Service contract entry (Yardi)

Target area 4: Commercial Meetings and Permanent Commission Meetings

  1. Bi-weekly team meeting participation for general daily matters, commercial issues, and tenant concerns
  2. Report writing: considering team's daily needs, specific technical, marketing, capacity, tenant points, new leases, end of leases, litigation, etc.
  3. Attendance at commercial meetings, report writing, uploading to drive, and sending to participants (agents). Follow-up.
  4. Key indicator analysis and tracking
  5. Visitor/footfall encoding and analysis, commercial distributions
  6. Reporting on the above
  7. Store and office commercial distribution encoding and tracking (Pommerloch and Schmiede)

Required competencies

Technical expertise/skills

• Languages: FR/LUX/DE (ENG/NL optional)

• Proficiency in Office tools

• Knowledge of CRM/finance tools

• Bachelor's degree in administrative training

• Basic understanding of accounting


• COMPETENCE 1: Demonstrate integrity, diligence, and rigor

• COMPETENCE 2: Demonstrate autonomy and flexibility

• COMPETENCE 3: Collaborate with a results-oriented approach

• COMPETENCE 4: Plan and organize in collaboration with Shopping Center Manager

• COMPETENCE 5: Be stress-resistant and proficient in problem-solving

• COMPETENCE 6: Be customer-oriented

Profile – general info & practical

• Workplace: Knauf Pommerloch or Schmiede, Luxembourg

• Flexible working hours - 9 am-6 pm or, in some cases, starting later to finish later

• Need to be where our services are required => physical presence required => remote work not possible

• Training/induction period: 3 months

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