Nextensa started as a regulated Belgian real estate company under the name Leasinvest Real Estate, making significant investments in a real estate portfolio that was diversified both geographically and in terms of building types. Subsequently, in 2021, Nextensa became a mixed real estate investor and developer following its merger with the company Extensa.

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Nextensa unites a real estate approach and financial logic by combining the recurrent rental income from property investments with the added value potential of development activities, strictly prioritising authenticity and sustainability.

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Mission, vision & values

Nextensa is an influential, progressive and responsible player in the real estate sector that develops projects with added value in both social and ecological terms, based on a transparent vision of the environment, society and governance.

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Corporate governance

Nextensa is a société anonyme (limited liability company) with a (collegial) board of directors within the meaning of the Belgian Code of Companies and Associations. The company is run by its executive committee under the responsibility and supervision of the eight members of the board of directors.

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Nextensa started out as a Belgian regulated real estate company known as Leasinvest Real Estate before becoming an investor and a mixed property developer further to consolidation with the company Extensa in 2021.

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Group structure

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