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Vast inclusive and sustainable multipurpose site

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Spectacular renovation of a historic local site to create an inclusive and sustainable multipurpose living space

A major urban redevelopment project in Brussels

Let’s start with a little history… The Tour & Taxis site was created in the 16th century when the von Thurn und Taxis family, which founded the European postal service, made it a gateway to Europe. At the turn of the 20th century, Tour & Taxis then became one of the world’s first multimodal goods transport platforms, integrating water, road and rail. The site subsequently fell into disuse in the post-war period, with the abolition of customs duties.

Nextensa therefore decided to offer this place steeped in history a new lease of life by harmoniously combining past and present to create a versatile, attractive and inclusive environment including housing, offices, shops,event areas, restaurants and public facilities. An extension covering nine hectares of an existing park is also planned.

Particular attention is paid to active mobility, mixity, the enhancement of heritage and sustainable development.

Nextensa aims to bring a modern and sustainable dimension to the historic buildings on this site, while respecting their authenticity and their architectural heritage. The result is the creation of an inspiring living space for the innovators of the future, while respecting the history and architectural heritage of the past.

The site, strategically located along the canal very near the historic centre of Brussels, contains several buildings that service a variety of purposes:

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