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Royal Depot

Mixed use location and hub of Tour & Taxis site

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Renovation of a magnificent historic warehouse to create a multipurpose, sustainable emblematic site.

An atypical building comprising both offices and shops


The Royal Depot, which was built between 1904 and 1907, is a magnificent building of brick, natural stone, steel and glass. It was initially intended for long-term goods storage. A railway line ran through this warehouse located alongside the port of Brussels, making it part of the Tour & Taxis multimodal centre.

Having been restored in 2000, the Royal Depot now comprises both shops and offices. Many artistic events, trade fairs, music festivals and exclusive evening events have also been organised there.

As the hub of the entire Tour & Taxis site, its central location, together with its status as a historic building and the facilities available, make it unique. The use of the Tour & Taxis site for events adds to its appeal for investors.


The Royal Depot, strategically located along the canal and very near the North station and the historic centre of Brussels, is also close to the following places:

  • Gare Maritime : Food Market, shops, co-working area of the company Spaces
  • Maison de la Poste: conference and meeting centre
  • Sheds: large-scale events
  • Tour & Taxis Park with its new ponds
  • KANAL Centre Pompidou museum
  • Suzan Daniel Bridge
  • Public transport

Sustainability profile

  • Major work is being considered to improve the sustainability of the building, ensuring that fossil fuels are no longer used for heating and cooling. The work is to be carried out before the end of 2024. Nextensa is applying the geothermal heating principle to achieve this goal. This involves using energy naturally present in the water table. This system is already in use in the Hôtel des Douanes building.
  • Use of solar panels.
  • As well as switching to local and renewable energy, Nextensa aims to implement energy optimisation systems that control and adjust the settings of the technical installations in line with the weather forecast. This would result in a 439-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions per year for the building.
  • Nextensa has also joined forces with AJK to install waste compactors. This will make it possible to gather data on waste thrown away by tenants.

The advantages

  • Hub of Tour & Taxis site
  • Magnificent building of brick, natural stone, steel and glass
  • Home to brands that improve your shopping experience: Alterego, Art-uur Outlet
  • Home to brands that care for your well-being: Lovina Spa, Be Life Medical Clinic, Aiyana sports centre
  • Offers a varied food range: Boutique Alimentaire, Pain Quotidien, Hivernage, La Fabbrica, La Fourna
  • A nursery is available onsite for employees


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