January :
  • We partnered with Madaster Belgium to create a "passport" for each of our projects. This passport clearly demonstrates the circularity of the building.
  • A new restaurant at Hangar 26/27 : renowned chef Bart De Pooter has chosen Hangar 26-27 as the location for his highly-anticipated new restaurant Vis Van A.
  • Febuary :
  • Work in progress at the office park Moonar : Building D completed and was ready to accommodate new tenants.
  • Exciting projects are on the horizon for Tour & Taxis : Nextensa has signed on for several temporary exhibitions such as Bullpadel , Tempora S.A and Battle Kart
    March :
  • The new office building "White House" located in the Cloche D'Or district fully let to Intertrust.
  • The inauguration of our new ponds at Tour & Taxis.
  • New tenants for Gare Maritime at Tour&Taxis : Nextensa has signed a new commercial lease with Silence l Leader in Urban Eco Mobility and with AXL GREEN, a Health & Beauty operator.
  • Sustainable choices for our shopping centers in Luxembourg : we've equipped Knauf Shopping Centers Schmiede en Pommerloch with several Chargy stations.
  • The building formerly called Montimmo, located at 35 avenue Monterey in Luxembourg, has been renovated and renamed Hygge.
  • April :
  • Nextensa sells office building "Treesquare" in Brussels to KGAL investment management
  • Nextensa applies for permit for the final phase called "Lakeside" at Tour & Taxis
  • The launch of a new Grand Café concept by LA VARENNE in Knauf Shopping Schmiede
    May :
  • The installation of 16 Tesla electric charging stations at Brixton Business Park
  • June :
  • Nextensa, working closely with WeSmart and residents on the Tour&Taxis site, launched a new energy community in Brussels.
  • Michel Van Geyte, CEO of Nextensa appointed also as ULI Belgium & Luxembourg Chair
  • August :
  • Nextensa acquires office building Montoyer 24 in Brussels
    October :
  • The developers Nextensa and Promobe have sold the Darwin II office building to the Luxembourg State
  • November :
  • Nextensa celebrated its 200th sale on Phase II of Park Lane, residential neighborhood in Tour & Taxis
  • Nextensa is proud to support their digital transition with their Coniq fidelity system, driving customer engagement, for its Knauf shopping centers.


  • January: The Kockelscheuer building, with a surface area of approximately 4,200 sqm, was delivered and sold.
  • February: Sale of the buildings The Crescent (Anderlecht, Belgium) and Monnet 4 (Kirchberg, Luxembourg) resulting a profit of €5 million.
  • March: The Darwin II building of approximately 4,700m² was completed. The tenant is the Luxembourg State, which also has a purchase option for three years from April 1, 2022.
  • March: The pre-sale of Park Lane phase II appartements on the Tour & Taxis site was successfully launched.
  • April: Nextensa’s Belgian team moved to one of the ‘places it prefers’, the Gare Maritime.
  • April: a plot of land was acquired in Niederanven, next to Luxembourg Airport, where a mixed development of around 35,000 sqm is possible.
  • April: In Luxembourg an application for a grant was approved, allowing Nextensa to install photovoltaic equipment on buildings in the Knauf Pommerloch and Knauf Schmiede shopping centres (333kWp and 854kWp respectively).
  • May: Start of renovation work on the Moonar office site in Luxembourg.
  • May: The organisation of the major World Padel Tour event in the Gare Maritime in Tour & Taxis.
  • June: The lease contract with Hornbach for the retail site in Bertrange was extended by 15 years (until 30/06/2038).
  • June: The renovation of the Hanger 26/27 building, which included completely renovating the façade in wood, has now been completed.
  • June: The start of works for Park Lane phase II in Tour&Taxis.
  • August: The first new shops in the extension of the Knauf Schmiede shopping centre (approx. 8,500 m2) opened.
  • October: A 20-year firm lease is signed with B&B HOTELS Western Europe for a "3-star superior" hotel with 150 rooms in the new Cloche d'Or district.
  • October: The Darwin I building - “Bronze Gate” - at Cloche d’Or was sold for €65 million.
  • October: A lease was signed with CD&V for 1,500 sqm of offices at Gare Maritime in Brussels.
  • October: A new Rituals shop was opened in the Knauf Pommerloch shopping centre and a 1,200 sqm Colruyt in the Boomerang Strassen shopping centre.
  • December: Opening and delivery of the restaurant of Vis Van A at Hangar 26/27 in Antwerp.
  • December: Lease of the sustainable and intelligent building MONTECO to Nagelmackers.
  • December: Nextensa sells the Titanium site in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to Codic, for 110 million euros.


  • Merger with Extensa turns Leasinvest Real Estate into a mixed real estate investor and developer. Voluntary renunciation of SIR (public regulated real estate company) status and transformation from an SCA (partnership limited by shares) into an SA (public limited company) with a collegiate board of directors, followed by the associated modification of the articles of association.


  • Further divestments of non-strategic buildings
  • Focus on (re)developments
  • Early redemption of a significant portion of the historical derivatives portfolio


  • Acquisition of 2 extra buildings in the EBBC business park in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Acquisition of two retail buildings in Vösendorf near Vienna in Austria
  • Divestment of non-strategic buildings
  • Successful private placement of bonds for € 100 million


  • Successful capital increase of € 84 million
  • Acquisition of "Montoyer 14" building in Brussels’ Leopold district in Belgium
  • Acquisition of 2 additional buildings in the EBBC business park in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Acquisition of iconic building Hangar 26/27 in "Eilandje" district in Antwerp, Belgium


  • Reinforcement of position in Austria and in retail by two acquisitions in Vienna
  • Complete divestment of the Swiss retail portfolio
  • Divestment of a significant part of the logistics portfolio
  • Acquisition of the "Mercator" office building in Luxembourg
  • Sale of Extensa’s participation in Leasinvest to AvH


  • Acquisition of the "Frun Asten" retail park and launch on the Austrian market
  • Usufruct agreement with the European Parliament for the "Montoyer" building, to be redeveloped in Brussels
  • Sale of the completed "Royal20" office building in Luxembourg


  • Conclusion of an agreement for the sale of prestigious office project (entirely pre-let) "Royal20" in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on its completion in 2016
  • Acquisition of iconic multi-tenant building "Royal Depot" at the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels
  • Start of redevelopment of "Square de Meeûs" in the Central Business District of Brussels (expected completion: 2017)
  • Further divestment of non-strategic buildings


  • Acquisition of large retail portfolio in Switzerland
  • Further divestment of smaller non-strategic buildings
  • Change of status from SICAFI (fixed capital real estate investment company) to public regulated real estate company (RREC)
  • Pre-letting of "Royal20" office project in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


  • Divestment of mainly office buildings
  • Public capital increase of € 60 million
  • Public bond issue of € 75 million
  • Refinancing of shopping centre in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of € 96.5 million
  • Private bond issue of € 20 million
  • Acquisition of Hornbach retail building in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


  • Refinancing of shopping centre in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of € 74 million
  • Completion and acquisition of State Archives in Bruges
  • Acquisition of office project in prime location in the centre of the city of Luxembourg


  • Further divestments of office buildings
  • Focus on diversification towards retail


  • Successful completion and leasing to Cegelec SA of office building in Zwijndrecht (Antwerp)
  • Acquisition of 100% of the shares of the company Canal Logistics Brussels SA, owner of a newly constructed warehousing and distribution site in Neder-over-Heembeek of approximately 50,000 m2
  • Divestment of the Axxes Business Park (phase 1) in Merelbeke near Ghent
  • Sale of the office building at Avenue Louise 250 in Brussels
  • Start of the construction of the new State Archives in Bruges for the federal government, represented by the Buildings Agency
  • Start of the construction of a retail building of 1,350 m2 on the site in Diekirch
  • Extensa celebrates its 100th anniversary


  • Divestment of the completely renovated and extended Bian office building in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Completion of the "Montimmo" building in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and of the regional branch of Cegelec SA near Antwerp
  • Final award of the public tender for the construction of the State Archives in Bruges


  • Divestment of the "Aubépines" building in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Acquisition of a logistics site in Wommelgem and two logistics sites in the Meer transport area, as well as a retail building in Merksem, subsequently brought into the SICAFI (fixed capital real estate investment company) in exchange for a 2.2% stake
  • Agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the company Canal Logistics Brussels (future logistics site in Neder-over-Heembeek of more than 50,000 m2 of warehouses and 2,500 m2 of offices)
  • Completion of the redevelopment with extension of the CFM site in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Change to a financial year corresponding to the calendar year, resulting in an extended financial year from 01/07/07 to 31/12/08
  • Conclusion of a real estate lease with Cegelec SA for the construction and financing of its new regional branch in the Antwerp region (Zwijndrecht) and acquisition of the land
  • Acquisition of 100% of Montimmo SA, owner of the basic structure of the planned "Montimmo" office building in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, followed by a merger by absorption by Leasinvest Immo Lux
  • Acquisition of 3 top retail locations (Strassen, Diekirch, Foetz) in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Conversion of Leasinvest Immo Lux from a SICAV (real estate open-ended fund) to a SICAV-FIS (real estate open-ended fund specialised investment fund) as from 31/12/08, followed by the repurchase by Leasinvest Immo Lux of all shares held by minority shareholders, as a consequence of which Leasinvest Real Estate becomes, directly and indirectly, the only shareholder, and delisting of shares on the Luxembourg stock exchange


  • Change of name from Dexia Immo Lux to Leasinvest Immo Lux
  • Divestment of Extensa Square in Evere and the building in Wommelgem
  • Acquisition of the Torenhof building in Merelbeke (Ghent)
  • Acquisition of the remaining shares of Square de Meeûs 5-6 SA, followed by a merger by absorption
  • Increase of the participation in Leasinvest Immo Lux to 96.04%
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Acquisition of a participation of 51.13% in the Luxembourg SICAV (real estate open-ended fund) Dexia Immo Lux (now Leasinvest Immo Lux), owner of 13 buildings in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (March 2006)
  • Launch of public takeover bid for the remaining publicly held Dexia Immo Lux shares, resulting in an additional 38.99%, for a total holding of 90.12%
  • Acquisition of a portfolio of buildings (Malines, Tongres) from Extensa Group SA (formerly Leasinvest SA) through the contribution in kind of shares by AXA Belgium SA and, as a consequence, the realisation of the investment programme of AXA Belgium SA
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Conclusion of framework agreement with AXA Belgium SA in order to sustain further growth
  • Acquisition of the majority of the shares of Square de Meeûs 5-6 SA (Brussels)
  • Contribution in kind of the "Montoyer 63" building (Brussels) through the partial demerger of Extensa Group SA
  • Sale of the long-term lease receivables relating to rue de Trèves 74
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Merger by absorption of Brussimmo SA (rue de Trèves 74, Brussels) and Ekiport SA (Route de Lennik 451, Anderlecht)
  • Conclusion of long term lease of 27 years with the European Union for the rue de Trèves 74 building
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Divestment of smaller, non-strategic buildings
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Acquisition of the remaining buildings of Phase I of the Axxes Business Park
  • Acquisition of Brussimmo SA (rue de Trèves 74, Brussels) and Ekiport SA (Route de Lennik 451, Anderlecht)
  • Listing in the NextPrime segment of Euronext
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Acquisition of 3 buildings in Phase 1 of the Axxes Business Park
  • New foreign markets include Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey and Romania


  • Leasinvest Real Estate SCA is approved as a SICAFI/BEVAK (fixed capital real estate investment company) by the Banking and Finance Commission (since 01/04/11 the FSMA) on 07/06/99
  • Listing on the first market of the Brussels’ Stock Exchange


  • The original shareholders decide to withdraw from Extensa’s capital. AvH holds 100 percent of Extensa


  • AvH holds 100 percent of Leasinvest


  • Ackermans & van Haaren ( AvH) acquire SNI


  • Extensa merges with Antwerpen- Donck Kappitel


  • Leasinvest is founded, a joint venture between the Société Nationale d’Investissement (SNI) and three other firms. Core business: public-sector financial leasing.


  • Extensa expands abroad


  • Extensions & Enterprises Anversoises becomes Extensa


  • Inauguration of the Prins Boudewijnlaan


  • Development of the Prins Boudewijnlaan connecting Antwerp to its surrounding communities


  • The della Faille and Van de Werve families of Antwerp merge their property holdings in NV Extensions and Enterprises Anversoises. Their core business is to develop housing estates