Nextensa's sustainability governance

Since 2021, Nextensa has had an ESG Committee responsible for advising management on environmental topics, translating the sustainability strategy into actions and reporting the results.

In 2022, Nextensa’s ESG Committee consisted of the same five members as 2021, who are closely representative of the organisation in terms of gender, age and their focus on the different activities within Nextensa. The ESG Committee reports directly to the Executive Committee of Nextensa and plays a key role in advising the Executive Committee and CEO on strategic decisions that involve key ESG priorities. The five-member team is also in charge of translating and disseminating Nextensa’s sustainability priorities within the business, further developing its strategy, setting objectives and KPIs and playing a central role in engaging all members of the organisation in these processes.

The ESG Committee leads on educating and empowering the employees to foster cooperation and improve strategy based on experience in the field. The committee promotes dialogue to agree on where efforts should be focused and develops long-term partnerships with all stakeholders to increase the positive impact of the actions being implemented.

The mission of the ESG Committee, with the support of the Executive Committee, consists not only of ensuring that the sustainability goals are met but also of promoting the adaptability, creativity and inclusiveness of a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability. Michel Van Geyte, in his capacity as CEO, has ultimate responsibility for implementing and achieving sustainability across the organisation. As of January 2022, the ESG Committee reports on a biannual basis to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, giving feedback on achievements and challenges in meeting Nextensa’s strategic objectives and implementation plans.

In 2022, the ESG Committee also organised various deep-dive information sessions on multiple ESG-related topics for the Executive Committee to ensure in-depth knowledge about the impact of sustainability across the executive level.

In 2022, the new role of Energy Manager was created within Nextensa to ensure focus on reducing the CO2 footprint of all Nextensa assets. Tim Van Dorpe, one of the ESG Committee members, has taken up this role to focus further on the collection of data and the implementation of action plans to decarbonise Nextensa’s portfolio.

All Nextensa employees have been and will continue to be involved in developing and implementing this ambitious process. The ESG Committee encourages initiatives taken by colleagues to reduce our CO2 footprint or implement actions. We don’t want it to remain simply an abstract idea full of empty words, but aspire for it to become integral to our daily work and decision-making and, increasingly, to be part of the new DNA of the organisation.

The sustainability governance structure at Nextensa is as follows:

Board of directorsStrategic validation
ExComStrategic decision + approval of budget
ESG-committeeCollecte d'informations, mise en place d'une stratégie ESG, élaboration d'un plan d'action, proclamation de recommandations, suivi de la mise en œuvre
Responsables Initiatives Implementing actions, developing expertise, formulating propositions and initiatives
Departments Nextensa

ESG Committee