On 31 March 2022, Nextensa published its 2021 Sustainability Report as a newly merged organisation originating from two leading real estate organisations, Leasinvest Real Estate and Extensa Group, each with its own core activities and different materialities.

In 2021, a common materiality process with 14 priority ESG topics was defined. This year, to integrate the two organisations’ materiality perspectives, Nextensa identified its actual and potential impacts on its ecosystem. Based on the sustainability standards and frameworks and through specific analysis of the real estate sector, Nextensa’s 14 material topics were assessed for their potential negative and positive impacts.

For 2022, the decision was taken to report mainly on those ESG topics deemed most urgent for the company to address given their high impact, namely: ‘CO2 neutrality’, ‘circularity’, ‘water management’, ‘healthy buildings’, ‘mixed neighbourhoods and biodiverse environments’, ‘Nextensa’s people’ and ‘partnership and co-creation’.

In the last sustainability report, the aim was to report on these topics for all Nextensa’s (re)developments and investment activities (unless otherwise specified). This sustainability report details the activities conducted by Nextensa NV and its subsidiaries. It does not report on the activities of associates or joint ventures in which the group participates. The process of consolidating information and data collection for ESG monitoring, management and performance reporting for the coming years, in line with GRI Standards, was set up in 2022 within the new organisation. The goal is to increase the coverage rate for the various KPIs every year.

Sustainability figures 2022

  • 24,7 % of Turnover aligned with EU-Taxonomy

New offices for Nextensa, leading by example on energy performances and circularity

  • 17,70 tonnes CO2eq reduced for Scope 1&2

  • 57% less energy use in offices Nextensa

  • 52,3% of Nextensa’s office waste reused as raw material

Creating a new urban neighbourhood

  • 4 residential buildings delivered (Park Lane) + start of construction of Park Lane Phase 2

  • Energy community sharing 200Mwh

  • New ponds on Tour & Taxis filled with 5 875 000 litre groundwater from constructions site Park Lane Phase 2

  • 2310 new trees planted in the Tour & Taxis park


  • 7076 Mwh solar energy produced in 2022 (+235MWh)

  • 8261 kWc kWp of photovoltaic panels (+303kWp in 2022

  • 34 social initiatives supported

  • 141 charging stations installed across the portfolio with a loading capacity of 188MW

  • 2 extra awards for Gare Maritime + 1 for Hangar 26/27

  • ESG Risk rating score of Sustainalytics: from 21,0 in 2021 to 15,0 in 2022