Our multidisciplinary team consists of passionate real estate professionals who have the in-house expertise to control the entire cycle of a real estate project, from the purchase to the final management via the implementation of sustainable development. While bearing this cycle in mind, we devise a strategy that focuses on the development of properties that optimize our sustainable investment portfolio. At the same time, we work on regular investments to generate added value within our portfolio. We ensure the continuity of our incoming revenue flow continue thanks to leases, rental contracts and residential sales. Always based on a thoroughly thought-out ESG vision that we consistently apply in all our core activities.

Nextensa focuses on investments in urban environments. We go for a combination of sustainable projects at prime locations and large-scale mixed real estate opportunities in the city center. Our preference is to renovate existing structures to realize mixed-use projects. We prioritize soft mobility and embrace the sustainable options that Smart Mobility offers us.

Nextensa has as its basic principle becoming carbon neutral for the complete life cycle of developments. We focus on the efficient use of, by preference, locally produced renewable energy. In addition, we try to limit our water consumption to a minimum. We use existing facilities for rainwater recovery and investigate the options to filter waste water so that we can reuse it. Our choices in relation to materials and technologies are innovative and well considered. We develop healthy buildings that contribute to the well-being of our customers. Whenever possible, we create green and various spaces that benefit the quality of life and biodiversity of our projects. We also focus on innovation on both a technological and process-based level.

Nextensa interacts with its tenants and residents through a decisive ESG vision. We support them in their ambitions to generate a positive impact. We build sustainable communities in and around our buildings. We set up Energy Communities to facilitate the local exchange of too much generated solar energy. Furthermore, we cultivate partnerships with innovative companies that focus on sustainable technologies. To conclude, we equip our portfolio with monitoring systems that we can use to closely monitor and optimize the energy and water consumption of our buildings and sites.

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