The principle underlying our Sustainability Vision & Mission is to make a substantial positive contribution to the following four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), without negatively impacting the others:

Nextensa’s vision is best reflected in its tagline: ‘Places you prefer: excelling in sustainable urban real estate investments and developments by creating places our clients prefer to live, work, shop and relax in.’

Nextensa’s sustainability mission is to create desirable locations by:

  • Developing climate-adaptive buildings: by designing projects through technological innovation to achieve the most efficient use of renewable energy and minimise the natural resources needed throughout the life cycle.
  • Creating sustainable societies: by creating healthy, inspiring & creative environments and sustainable neighbourhoods to live in, work in and enjoy for present and future generations,
  • Investing in human capital: by focusing on the needs of its direct and indirect communities, as well as social responsibility and fair business to generate opportunities, create valuable partnerships and maximise value for all.

Our sustainability strategy has at its centre the buildings that form our core business. These buildings fit into environments that in turn influence communities and society as a whole, as well as the individuals operating in these areas. Based on this philosophy, Nextensa formulates actions to mitigate trade-offs (negative impacts), support other potential synergies and benefits (positive impacts) and fill identified gaps through close collaboration with stakeholders. In addition to longer-term actions, Nextensa focuses primarily on what can be done here and now.

As shown below, the method is iterative in the sense that sustainability is an ongoing process where our knowledge is always moving forwards and improving. Therefore, reassessment of cases in the light of new knowledge helps to improve outcomes.

Legend (clockwise)

Climate-adaptive buildings:

  • CO2-neutrality

  • Water management

  • Circularity

  • Innovation & technology

  • Healthy Buildings

Human Capital:

  • Nextensa's people

  • Partnerships and co-creation

  • Providing opportunities

Leading by example:

  • Exemplary organisation

Sustainable Society:

  • Mixed neighbourhoods and biodiverse environments

  • Smart and sustainable mobility

  • Limiting waste streams

  • Valuing art & culture

  • Supporting healthy food