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One of Brussels’ biggest and most adaptable events spaces

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Renovation of a historic goods warehouse to create a huge, dynamic and sustainable events space

An events space unique in Brussels


The Sheds were built in the early 20th century and used to goods in transit. Today, with various surfaces covering a total of over 17,000 sqm, they can be arranged in many different ways for exhibitions, cultural events, fairs and shows that attract visitors from all four corners of the earth.

The astounding iron free-standing metal structure, bearing witness to a technical achievement unique of its kind anywhere in the world, can be admired from the adjacent quays where goods were unloaded from the trains. The sawtooth glass roof spreads natural light throughout the space.

À proximité

The Sheds, strategically located along the canal and very near the North Station and the historic centre of Brussels, is also close to the following places:

  • Gare Maritime : Food Market and shops
  • Maison de la Poste: conference and meeting centre
  • Entrepôt Royal: food, hammam, furniture and decoration, shops, hair stylist, daycare centre, etc.
  • Tour & Taxis Park with its new ponds
  • KANAL Centre Pompidou museum
  • Suzan Daniel Bridge
  • Public transport

Sustainability profile

  • Solar panels
  • Studies are underway on how to use the organic waste from the Sheds to create compost for the park and the surrounding area.
  • Nextensa has taken steps to deal with the challenge posed by the single-use carpets covering the floor in the hangars (400 sqm), which were discarded after every event. A new polyethylene floor covering is to be put down, thereby avoiding a considerable waste of carpet and having a significant impact.
  • Nextensa works with JUUNOO, a company that supplies circular walls that can be installed and dismantled very easily. The modules are height- and length-adjustable and can therefore be adapted to all kinds of spaces. The smart design makes these a reusable and sustainable product.
  • In order to foster social cohesion and the active participation of the districts, Nextensa provides them with new facilities of interest for the community. So organisations that have a positive impact on society are granted access free of charge or with a substantial reduction.

The advantages

  • Integration into the Tour & Taxis site
  • The ultimate reference for all your events in Brussels
  • Multiple layouts possible for every imaginable event
  • Over 500,000 visitors


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