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Hôtel des Douanes

2.0 office solution combining heritage, circularity and sustainability

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Renovation of a historic administrative building to create a versatile, innovative and sustainable workplace.

The perfect combination of heritage, modernity and sustainability


The old customs building was built in 1907 and is steeped in history. Nextensa pays very special attention to this dimension throughout the renovation process. By treating the façades, roof structures and historic staircases with the greatest respect, Nextensa aims to meet the most stringent standards of sustainability and circularity.

A building that was once a symbol of the administration and the civil service has become a reference in terms of versatility and innovation. An inspiring workplace for companies and a creative space for entrepreneurs.


The Hôtel des Douanes, strategically located along the canal and very near the Gare du Nord and the historic centre of Brussels, is also close to the following places:

  • Gare Maritime Food Market, shops, co-working area of the company Spaces
  • Maison de la Poste: conference and meeting centre
  • Sheds: large-scale events
  • Royal Depot: food, hammam, furniture and decoration, shops, hair stylist, daycare centre, etc.)
  • Tour & Taxis Park with its new ponds
  • KANAL Centre Pompidou museum
  • Suzan Daniel Bridge
  • Public transport

Sustainability profile

  • The workspace heating and cooling system involves geothermal processes, keeping the use of fossil fuels to a minimum.
  • Original construction elements such as the solid granite staircases, the steel columns and the roof have been preserved in the interests of circularity and to avoid waste.
  • The electricity is generated by a maximum number of photovoltaic panels on the roof.
  • The LED lights switch off automatically depending on the level of daylight or when no staff are present.
  • Rainwater is collected and reused for the sanitary facilities.
  • The goal is to obtain an excellent BREEAM rating, gold Well Platinum certification and gold DNGB certification.

The advantages

  • Integration into the Tour & Taxis site with all its facilities: food, sport, daycare centre, events, etc.
  • Emblematic building combining outstanding heritage, sustainability and circularity
  • Abundance of natural light thanks to the magnificent central atrium
  • Extraordinary impression of openness.
  • Outstanding size and vast glazed surfaces


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