- Regulated press release

The Statutory Manager of real estate fund Leasinvest Real Estate SCA declares that on 24 October the 418,850 Leasinvest Real Estate shares, issued on 23/12/04 for the partial splitting-up of Leasinvest SA, will be listed on the first market of Euronext Brussels.
Pursuant the provisions of article 4, 2 d) of the European guideline 2003/71/EG, equivalent information is at the disposal of the investors, composed of:
a) the Prospectus 2004 consisting of the annual brochure 2003-2004 and an issue memorandum of 24/12/04 concerning the partial splitting-up, and its appendices;
b) the annual brochure for the financial year 2004-2005 for which the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission has given the authorisation to use it as a reference document for any public appeal to savings that may be made by the company, for a period of 12 months, by means of the procedure for separate information provision.
This equivalent information, as from 21 October 2005, can be obtained on simple request from the administrative office of Leasinvest Real Estate:
Mechelsesteenweg 34 - 2018 Antwerp
T +32 3 238 98 77 - F +32 3 237 52 99
The equivalent information is also available, as from 21 October 2005, at Euronext Brussels, and in the offices of Dexia Bank, Fortis Bank, Bank Degroof and ING Bank and on the website of the real estate fund:
Leasinvest Real Estate
Real estate fund Leasinvest Real Estate SCA invests mainly in high-quality and well-situated office buildings (75%) in and around Brussels (78%) and also in logistics and retail buildings.
The investment value on 30/06/05 was € 275.46 million. The portfolio represents an area of more than 190,000 m², in 13 different locations and spread across 37 buildings.
The real estate fund is listed on the Euronext in the Next Prime segment and was included, in January 2005, in the EPRA Eurozone Total Return Index.