Belgium, Zaventem

Brixton Business Park

Ideally situated retail area

Retail area that meets contemporary standards, ideally situated

For a quality shopping experience


The Brixton Business Park site dates from the 1980s. It is ideally located near the E40 motorway, one of the main approach roads into Brussels. It comprises six semi-industrial buildings and a large retail area. Renovation work has recently been carried out so that the buildings now meet all contemporary rental requirements. The five buildings in the semi-industrial section of the site were sold by Nextensa in February 2021. The company still owns the retail area.


  • E40 motorway
  • Brussels National Airport
  • Public transport

Sustainability profile

A facility comprising 16 superchargers has been built on the Brixton Retail Park site, in partnership with Tesla.

The advantages

  • Brands that improve your shopping experience: Juntoo, Kwantum, Leen Bakker, Swiss Sense, Brico, Le roi du matelas, X2O
  • Private car park


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