Austria, Asten

Frunpark Asten

Sustainable and very popular retail park near Linz

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The unmissable shopping rendezvous for people from Linz and elsewhere


Frunpark Asten is ideally located near and accessible from the city of Linz. It comprises 30 shops and catering establishments as well as 600 parking spaces. This is a fairly recent retail park (2013) which instantly proved a great success and was progressively extended by over 1,200 sqm. The extension work was completed in 2018. Footfall is gradually increasing and now amounts to 1.6 million visitors.

The following retail outlets are to be found here: Eurospar, Müller, C&A, Intersport Winninger, Action, DM, New Yorker, Babyone, JYSK, Depot, Deichmann, Shoe4You, Fussl, Mister*Lady, Takko, NKD, Ernstings Family, KULT, Didi`s Outdoorshop, Hartlauer, Frunpark pharmacy, Libro, Pagro, Futterhaus, Roma, Tchibo, Wok King, Hot Burger Box, Cafe Fridolin and Barber-shop.

Sustainability profile

  • Frunpark Asten focuses on ecology, with environmentally friendly technology that uses groundwater to heat and cool the entire park.
  • The roof of the Frunpark Asten retail park is equipped with solar panels that generate over 500,000 kWh of green energy yearly and reduce CO² emissions by 400 tonnes.
  • 32 new Tesla supercharger stations suitable for all electric car makes have been installed in the car park. Electric bicycle charging stations are also available.


  • A1 motorway
  • B1 main road
  • City of Linz
  • Pöstlingberg
  • Paneum - bread museum
  • St. Florian Monastery

The advantages

The facade of Frunpark Asten, with its red, orange and yellow pixels, is clearly visible from the busy A1 motorway.


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