Luxemburg, Pommerloch

Knauf Shopping Pommerloch

Large shopping centre at the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes

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A friendly shopping centre, open every day of the year

The ultimate shopping destination


The Knauf Pommerloch shopping centre is home to around sixty fashion boutiques as well as services, food, beauty, decoration, jewellery, leisure and multimedia stores and more. It lies at the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, near Bastogne in Belgium. This shopping centre offers an ongoing experience as it is open all year round, even on Sundays and public holidays. It has 1,200 free parking spaces and easy access for people with reduced mobility, with parking spaces set aside for them, as well as lifts. Visitors also benefit from air conditioning, Wi-Fi and toilets free of charge.

In addition, the complex has a 3,130 sqm business centre.


  • Bastogne in Belgium
  • Wiltz in Luxembourg

Sustainability profile

  • It is becoming essential to incorporate electric mobility into buildings so as to meet both users’ needs and environmental and social challenges. Nextensa ranks among the leaders in this fundamental change and, with various partners (Tesla, Allego), has already installed eight charging stations in the Knauf Pommerloch buildings.
  • Examples of initiatives already taken:
    • Knauf booster: Knauf supports young businesses
    • RECYCL' ART: increasing customers’ awareness of the plastic they use by collecting plastic bottles and other types of packaging. The children at the Wiltz centre and others have created a variety of creatures using recycled materials.
    • The centre has just signed a cooperation contract with the Naturpark Öewersauer national park to collaborate on the development of green spaces around the shopping centre.

The advantages

  • Loyalty card system.
  • Bright, modern surroundings.
  • Fashion, leather goods, beauty, services, leisure and eateries, as well as alcohol, tobacco and fuel at Luxembourg prices.
  • Activities throughout the year.


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