Leasinvest Real Estate SCA: Notes of the manager on Q1 2020

- Regulated press release


For Q1 2020 we record the following key data:

  • Confirmation of the increase of the dividend over the financial year 2019 from € 5.10 to € 5.25 gross per share
  • The EPRA earnings1 decrease from € 9.7 million end-March 2019 to € 7.3 million (€ 1.23 per share vs € 1.63 per share), mainly due to a time effect
  • The funding cost remains nearly constant at 2.16%
  • Occupancy rate nearly constant at 89% due to planned renovations in EBBC-park in Luxembourg
  • The debt ratio has risen from 54.78% to 56.63%

1 Alternative Performance Measures (APM) in the sense of the ESMA directive of 5 October 2015 in this press release are indicated with an asterisk (*) and are further explained in the annexes to this press release.